Open Call

Guest Curators

We are currently looking for guest curators to curate a week of ArtGirlTV. This means you choose the artists who will takeover (usually a different artist each day) for the week. You can also make a curatorial theme or statement for the week. We are looking for curators from the fields of art, poetry, fashion, writing, tech, etc. Please email artgirltv @

Takeover Artists

Email artgirltv @ with your plan and your top three preferred dates.

ArtGirlTV is a new Snapchat channel documenting the perspectives/experiences of female-identifying persons on and within the contemporary art world as art objects themselves, as art makers, and as art connoisseurs.

Our mission with this channel is to offer a platform that is celebratory of the female artist/art viewer, to bring the liveness of the art experience to a global audience, and to offer a way for women to investigate the interplay between seeing/being art objects and having/presenting their bodies and/or thoughts digitally.

General suggestions include: 1) You go to a museum, gallery, or art fair and document being/seeing there, 2) You create art and snap it, 3) you are the art and you perform and show yourself as such. But please create whatever you would like out of your takeover!

The following are our current directorial notes. They are a work in progress.

1. Your takeover will start at noon Eastern Time the day you are assigned and continue until 10pm that night. I will email you the prior day with your login info.

2. Snapchat is for ages 13 and over, so nudity is not allowed, but if you want to do subtle nudity it’s okay.

3. Please announce on all your social media channels that you will be doing an ArtGirlTV takeover so people can tune in to watch it. Direct people to our IG & SC.

Snapchat: ArtGirlTV

Please send me your Instagram and Snapchat and I will announce your takeover on the ArtGirlTV Instagram.

4. During your take-over you are encouraged to plug your own Instagram, Snapchat, website, etc. I recommend doing this via text captions (not only verbally). Also, if you are visiting locations or have friends on with you I encourage you to text caption them as well.

5. You can include footage of you in as many snaps as you like, but please do at least one that shows you.

6. I will be downloading and archiving your takeover and in doing the takeover you give me rights to do so and to share it in the future, and you will always be credited.